Saturday, June 28, 2014

Product Review: Glutino Gluten Free Wafer Bites

For me, summertime calls for lighter meals and refreshing snacks. I want something that packs flavor with less of the weight than my favorite winter treats. That's why I was happy to see samples of Glutino's New Wafer Bites in this month's sampler package.

These little babies come in three flavors: Chocolate Covered, Hazelnut, and Lemon. The chocolate covered ones are vanilla wafer dipped in milk chocolate, and are the perfect mix of sweet chocolate and dry savory wafer. Their hazelnut wafer bites are simpler, having a subtle nutty flavor that as Goldilocks would put it "is just right." Finally, I found the lemon wafers to be very sugary and powerful in flavor, reminiscent of a powdered lemonade mix. This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy them, but I found myself eating these slower and in smaller handfuls than the other two flavors (which let's face it is probably a good thing).

So, what's the overall verdict? These new wafer bites are the perfect spectrum of flavor for anyone looking for a light snack that still offers some flavor. Each flavor has a place in the gluten free world, offering it's own variety of taste to your snaking needs.

**Please Note: This product was provided to me by Glutino as part of their Very Important Gluten-Free Blogging Community (VIGFB) Campaign. However, the review reflects my own thoughts and tastes and was in no way influenced by this partnership.**


  1. My husband has the chocolate wafers every day in his lunch! He has Celiac Disease and they're a nice treat for him during the work day. We've only seen the chocolate ones, and the lemon ones wherever we go grocery shopping. We also live in Canada, and I wish they offered more products up here.

    1. They're a great find! I am sure they are perfect for a light afternoon snack at work.


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