Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Majans Bhuja Snack Mixes

I am a lover of full bodied snacks, snacks which mix things up a bit. With company mottos such as "Spice up your Life", and "The Magic is in the Mix",  you know you are in for a handful (or in this case a mouthful) from this international company, Majans Bhuja, that fits the bill for a great snack. They create a variety of gluten free and incredibly delicious snack mixes that go far beyond typical snack mixes, and which have a history behind them rooted in the life and spice of India. Their website says: 

"Bhuja has always been a hot item. Long before the potato chip, Indian farmers made this delicious snack mix by roasting their grains and cereals with a variety of spices.Today Bhuja comes alive in a multigrain snack that's 100% natural, gluten-free*, has no trans fats and is made with sunflower oil. Thanks to the intriguing fusion of flavors in the Majans family recipe, Bhuja sales are in fire everywhere in the world." 

Not only that, but their products are also free of MSG, low glycemic, cholesterol free, and a good source of protein and fiber! These are, however, not for the nut-free folks out there, unfortunately.

Currently, there are 4 mixes and  seasoned nut products that the company makes and sells in the United States, all of which sound equally delicious and unique. While I have seen them in stores, typically it is only the original and the cracker mix. So, recently I got a bag of the Cracker Mix. Spiced with Chillies, Turmeric, Cumin, and Coriander, this was a PERFECT snack full of spice, variety, and flavor. Every bite had depth one would only expect from a full meal, you didn't know what the next bite would hold but you know it would be just as good as the last. There truly was magic in the mix, although there is not magic in the price (as a bag goes for about 4-5$ around here which is just far too much on my current budget). The other flavors will have to wait for a guilty pleasure snack day, but oh will it be wonderful!

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